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Receiving my Novice call of WN9JXN in September of 1954, I soon advanced to the General class level. Later on I progressed to Advanced and eventually Extra which I hold today. I took these back in the days when you had to travel to down town Chicago and sit in front of a stone faced FCC examiner. This was a rather unnerving experience for a 13-year old to say the least.

Although I have enjoyed DXing, VHF/UHF contesting and net operation over the years, my interests have always been rooted in home brewing and the technical side of ham radio. I started even before I received my Novice ticket by home brewing a simple power supply from an old transformer, a 5Y3 rectifier tube, and some miscellaneous components on a home made tin chassis. Since then I have built many transmitters, amplifiers, VHF converters and transverters, terminal units, and even my first DSB generator from the ARRL handbook.

The acquisition of my first used Collins S-Line in 1967 was truly a dream come true. Owing back to my technical side, I later became involved in the collection and refurbishment of not only Collins, but all kinds of boat anchor equipment. I derive a great deal of satisfaction from locating a piece of well engineered classic equipment, repairing and cleaning it up like new, and putting it on the air for all to enjoy.

These days you will find me on the air participating in the Collins Collector’s nets, on the 75-meter AM band, and chasing DX below 3800 during the winter months. I still enjoy the more laid back mode of contesting which can be found in the annual 160-meter contest. I also enjoy weak signal Dxing on the VHF and UHF bands as well as the annual January ARRL VHF contest. You may even occasionally find me running mobile on MidCars while traveling out to Denver to visit our grandchildren or checking into the Sunday CCA 20 meter net. DXing on 17 meters mobile is a real treat.

After more than 50 years of Amateur Radio, I still find new and exciting projects to tackle. Like the saying goes, “So many radios and things to do and so little time”.

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